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while living with purpose and passion.

Tyson James Lee

Reclaiming Yourself

Take the journey into discovering who you truly are and why you are here. After a decade of experience and helping hundreds of clients rediscover themselves and empowering them to live their truth while reaching their true potential. Together we will uncover the hidden meaning of your life while I teach you how to embrace and love all of life and all of you It’s all here at your service and for your benefit. Learning to embrace and use all of life to step further into your potential is what we are here for. Turning adversity into the gift it was intended to be is the single most important skill I have mastered in this life.

The Common Sound Familiar?

You are amazing. Highly successful in all you set out to do. You have created the life you dreamed about years ago. The money, the relationships, the family and so much more. You thought that when you had finally created what you have that life would feel complete. You bought into the idea that a certain destination would leave you content and full, that the nagging feeling of always needing more would finally subside. You have come to the realization that your thoughts and society’s teachings around how to live a fulfilling life was an absolute hoax. Arriving at the end of the rainbow looking for a pot of gold only to discover another rainbow in the distance. What is this? What is missing? How could one still feel so empty after accomplishing so much? This can’t be all life has to offer.

My performance has

I’m purpose and inspiration

I feel

I feel

My emotions often

I tend

I don’t always

I don’t know

The areas we focus on are:

The people who choose to hire me are now thriving in all areas of life and have moved beyond the old blocks and beliefs that were once holding them back.

Tyson is a Mentor


Life the way you were designed to experience it.

Creating Change That Sticks Without Reverting Back To The Old You By Reprogramming Yourself At A Cellular Level